Diagnostic tool for Rover, MG and Landrover cars

Save money on garage bill - Diagnose that sensor fault - Get live data from a running engine - Clear that warning light and pass your MOT


A PC-based tool to read error codes and live data parameters from engine, ABS, airbag, alarm and body controller ECUs fitted to Rover, MG and Landrover cars.

Designed to give dealer level access (approaching that of T4) for supported vehicles.

Own a Rover, MG, Series One Elise or K series Caterham? Want to fix it yourself?

You can't fix your car if you don't know what's wrong with it. If your car has a fault light on you can read the error codes to narrow down the fault, but only if you have a compatible diagnostic tool.

There are loads of cheap diagnostic tools on ebay, why not buy one of those?

At pscan.uk we have implemented most of the Rover specific protocols and can connect to most Rover, MG and Landrover engines (including the ones which are not OBD2 compliant), ABS and airbag systems.

With garage fees running at £60 to £100 per hour and professional diagnostic tools costing thousands, you will only have to use a pscan.uk diagnostic tool two or three times and it will have paid for itself.

Click here to see the PC operating systems and ECU types supported by the tool.

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June 2023 - New Pektron features

Configuration of Pektron options

Support for MG Xpower SV Pektron SCU

November 2020 - SAWDOC immobiliser added

The SAWDOC immobiliser is used on Freelander 1 years 2004 to 2006

64 bit ARM Linux version also added (Pine 64 devices and Pi OS 64 bit version)

May 2020 - MEMS2J idle calibration added

Feature to adjust the idle screw on an MPI Mini

April 2020 - EWS3D immobiliser added

The EWS3D immobiliser is used on Rover 75, MG ZT and Freelander 1 years 2000 to 2003

March 2020 - 27VT CCU added

The 27VT CCU is the alarm and body controller for the Freelander1

It controls many features such as door locking, wipers and the tailgate window

October 2019 - Immobiliser programming for the EDC15M diesel ECU added

June 2019 - GM6 added, CVT live data, power bleeding of some ABS modules

Error codes and live data are now available for the Rover 75/MG ZT GM6 BCU

Power bleed of Rover 75/MG ZT and Freelander 1 Teves Mk20 ABS controllers

Live data for CVT and StepSpeed transmissions and adapation reset

February 2019 - Wabco-D ABS added, Spanish and French partially added

Wabco-D is used on early Freelander 1 and Defender

MGF and MPI/JDM Mini airbag ECU now have many more error codes supported

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Cliquez ici pour le français

January 2019 - Data logging added

Live date can now be saved to a CSV file which is easily opening in Excel or LibreOffice.

Error codes can be saved to a text file.

June 2018 - Freelander Teves Mk20 ABS support added

Improvements also made to Teves Mk25.

February 2018 - LE500, TF135 and 85 Anniversary Edition TF Service light reset

pscan is now able to reset the service light on these vehicles.

January 2018 - Pektron SCU

Code fobs, read the EKA and actuate outputs on Pektron vehicles.

October 2015 - EDC 1.3.1 220/420/620D, Freelander L Series, 300TDI, P38 D

EDC 1.3.1 diesel ECU support added.

28 October 2015 - Landrover TD5 ECU support

We have now added support for the Landrover TD5 ECU. This includes reading and clearing error codes, as well as reading a wide range of live engine data - see this page for details.

15 May 2015 - MEMS1.6 ECU support

We now have support for the MEMS1.6 ECU. If you have a Rover with this ECU, it probably has a Rover 3-pin connector instead of a standard 16-pin J1962 connector, so you will need a special adaptor cable which we can supply for £32.

26 March 2015 - New website design

Please let us know if you have any issues viewing the new website.

15 June 2014 - Demo day

We held a very successful demonstration day at two venues. See the results at the MGF Register forum and the 75 and ZT Club forum.