Diagnostic tool for Rover, MG and Landrover cars

SPI (approx 92-96), MPI (approx 97-99) and JDM (Japanese spec) Classic Mini ECU support

Click on the links to see a page about each ECU. For each one you will be able to see exactly what the tool can do, complete with screenshots.

All ECUs fitted to the SPI, MPI and JDM Mini are supported by pscan.uk.

Engine ECUs

MEMS1.6 SPI and JDM Mini

NB: This ECU uses a Rover 3 pin plug, which requires a special adaptor cable.

MEMS2J MPI Mini (using standard 16 pin cable)

Airbag ECUs

RC5EC5 MPI and JDM Mini (using standard 16 pin cable or special JDM cable)

Alarm/immobiliser ECUs

5AS SPI and MPI Mini (3 pin for SPI and 16 pin for MPI)

NB: The 5AS fitted to the SPI Mini uses a green 3 pin connector. The pscan.uk cable for the MEMS1.6 will also connect to the green 3 pin connector and will communicate with the 5AS. The 5AS fitted to the MPI Mini uses the standard 16 pin cable.

NB: The three pin cable used on the SPI Mini requires a permanent 12V and ground connection using crocodile clips. This is not easy with the Mini because the battery is in the boot. It is recommended to identify a permanent feed at the fusebox and connect the red crocodile clip there. The JDM Mini has both a 3 pin connector for the engine ECU and a 16 pin connector for the airbag ECU. pscan.uk are able to supply a special JDM cable that connects to both at the same time which removes the requirement for crocodile clips.