Support for Pektron SCU alarm/immobiliser ECU

Tested on MGF, Rover 25 and MG ZR.

Features available:

Online Pektron fob barcode checker.

Video of a fob being programmed: YouTube video

Screenshots of tool accessing a Pektron SCU:

Reading information

Reading live diagnostic data

Actuating outputs

Read / Write EKA

Programming fobs


How to test the EKA:

The alarm siren may go off.

If you entered the EKA correctly the alarm LED will illuminate solidly for one second and then continue flashing.

If you entered the EKA incorrectly the alarm LED will just continue flashing without illuminating solidly.

If you entered the EKA incorrectly then open the door, close the door, lock the door, wait for the alarm LED to flash normally and try again.

After three failed attempts you must wait ten minutes before trying again.

This test is important because it means that the vehicle is still driveable if something goes wrong with the fob sync or programming process and because being able to enter the EKA is the last resort method to connect diagnostic tools if no working fobs are available.