Packaging information in the context of COVID-19

Please read this before opening your package.

How your pscan will be packaged

We have for some time been double packaging pscan.

You will receive your package in a blue plastic outer wrapper. This will have been touched by any postal workers in the postal system between us and you.

We recommend that you open this and tip out the contents without touching them. Then discard the blue wrapper and wash your hands before touching the inner packaging. Try not to contaminate the inner package with anything that has transferred to your hands from the outer package.

The inner package will not have been touched since the date that your package was posted in the UK. You must form your own opinion on how long COVID-19 can survive inside a sealed envelope but for many of our international customers the envelope will have been sealed for some time whilst on-route from the UK.

Inside the inner package you will find the electronic box and two cables. The box and the OBD cable has been handled by us but should not be harmed by wiping the surfaces with cleaning wipes or a mild bleach solution; however you should not allow liquids to get inside the electronic box as they are not sealed. The USB cable is in a plastic wrapper which has been handled by us, however the contents have been stored for many months (the current batch was purchased over a year ago) and so the cable inside should already be clean.

We do not take any particular protective measures when building and configuring the interfaces and do not have a "clean room" factory environment. You need to take this into account when deciding how to handle your pscan unit.

We hope that this information will be useful to our customers as part of making their own risk assessment and protection decisions.

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