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Diagnostic tool



For a MEMS1.6 ECU you will also need the special cable for a Rover 3-pin plug, shown below.

Optional MEMS1.6 / 3 pin cable

£35 (EU £42)

Cars with a MEMS1.6 ECU use a special Rover 3-pin plug and a pair of crocodile clips to connect to the car battery for power, rather than the 16-pin J1962 connector - if your car has this type of plug then you will need this cable.

This cable will also work with 5AS units which have the green 3-pin plug.

Note that it is important that the black clip is connected to either the vehicle chassis or the negative terminal of the battery. Please do not connect it to the negative terminal of the coil as this will destroy the pscan interface. Connecting it to the engine block can also be risky because depending on the condition of the earth strap the engine may actually be at a different voltage to the battery, particularly when operating the starter motor. The red clip needs a permanent +12V feed which can be tricky with classic Minis as the battery is in the boot.

The 3 pin cable is only necessary for accessing Rovers made before 1997, typically SPI Minis and T-series turbo cars.

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