License and computer linking

Please read this important information about the license for the software.

How the software links to computers

We would like people to buy their own tools and not to pass them around or share them. For this reason the software and interface can only be registered to two computers. The alternative would be to lock the product to individual cars or to sell support of individual ECUs. We thought that this would be inconvenient for owners of multiple cars.

The software makes a "fingerprint" of your computer and stores it in the interface, so that the interface knows which computers it is registered to work with. If you dispose of a computer and replace it with a third, you will be required to de-register the one that you have disposed of. Please do this carefully because once a computer is de-registered it cannot easily be registered again. If you de-register the wrong computer you may have to return your interface to or we may have to send you a one time unlock code to achieve this. We may charge an administration fee for this.

It is also sensible to make sure that your computer is in a good state before you register it to your interface. Make sure that all of your device drivers are installed properly and working before you register. If you have a Windows computer look in the Device Manager and make sure there are no exclamation marks next to devices. We suggest that when you register that you minimise the number of USB devices plugged in.

Lastly do not lend your interface around. You are not licensed to do so and when you get it back the people you loaned it to may have de-registered your computer and you will not be able to add it back in. Also the memory has a limited capacity. If a large number of computers are registered the memory will eventually become full and will not accept further registrations.

Software and functionality upgrades

We do not charge periodic license fees nor upgrade fees for new Rover, MG and Landrover ECUs and functionality. Existing customers will always receive upgrades for free if they are for a Rover, MG or Landrover ECU.

The user licence

The current license is displayed below. You will be required to accept the terms the first time you run the software.


By using or installing this software you the user agree to this license.
If you do not agree with this license then do not use the software.


Your are not licensed to lend this product to other parties nor to share it with other parties. This product contains features which limit its use to two computers. You understand that if you allow other parties to use this product then it may no longer work on your own computers.

This software is designed to function only on operating systems that are directly installed onto your computers.
Virtualised operating systems are not supported.


To the extent allowed by law LTD shall have no liability nor responsibility for damage caused to your property nor losses incurred which may occur whilst you use this software or associated hardware.

To the extent allowed by law LTD shall have no liability nor responsibility for personal injury which may occur whilst you use this software or associated hardware.

This software is provided on an "AS-IS" basis. You accept that this software may contain faults.

© Copyright LTD
This software is copyright and may not be reproduced, republished or uploaded.
Websites found to be hosting this software may be issued with a take down notice.

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