Diagnostic tool for Rover, MG and Landrover cars

Rover 45 and MG ZS ECU support

Click on the links to see a page about each ECU. For each one you will be able to see exactly what the tool can do, complete with screenshots.

All ECUs fitted to the Rover 45 or MG ZS are supported by pscan.uk.

Engine ECUs

MEMS3 4 cyl petrol

EDC15M Diesel

EMS2000 MGZS180 and 45 V6 petrol

Transmission ECUs

MEMS3 CVT 4 cyl petrol CVT

Jatco V6 automatic


ABS5.3 All 45 and ZS

Airbag ECUs

Temic V1 Early 45 and ZS

AB Autoliv Late model 45 and ZS

Alarm/immobiliser ECUs

5AS 45 and ZS

Pektron SCU Late model 45 and ZS